Toronto to Las Vegas

Private Jet Charter Flights from Toronto, ON, Canada to Las Vegas, NV, USA

Charter a private flight from Toronto to Las Vegas with Jet Charter Canada, your #1 source for executive aviation & luxury jet charter services in Canada and across all areas of North America.

Based in the United States, our private jet charter company provides worldwide services, including private flights to Vegas from Toronto and surrounding areas on Ontario, Canada.

Choose from thousands of charter planes, enjoy competitive rates on aircraft rentals, and gain a trusted aviation advisor working with you side-by-side from booking to flight following.

Cost to Charter a Private Jet from Toronto to Vegas

The cost to charter a private jet from Toronto to Miami starts at $50,000* CAD for a one-way flight in a super midsize jet with seating for up to 8 passengers.

Super Midsize Jet to Vegas

Heavy Jet to Vegas

Pricing for one-way flight shown as example only. Costs shown are all-inclusive plus tax and are subject to change. Additional services including de-icing, catering, additional flight time due to weather or ATC, internet charges and/or ground transportation are billed separately. Example pricing based on Toronto Pearson International Airport to Las Vegas International Airport. 

Airports in Toronto and Miami for Private Flights

Private jets allow you to utilize smaller airports focused on general & business aviation, and there is more than 100x the airports compared to commercial flights. This can lower your charter costs with reduced landing fees, fuel prices, and other operational fees.

Jet Charter Canada can arrange private flights at more than 10,000 airports around the world. Check out some of the most popular airports for the flight from Toronto, ON to Las Vegas, NV.

Airports in Toronto

When chartering a private flight to Vegas from Toronto, your flight will depart from Toronto Pearson international, offering the only runway long enough to accommodate Part 135 jet charters.

Airports in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a major hub for luxury aviation, with several private jet airports to accommodate your private flight. The most popular choice is Harry Reid International, formerly known as McCarran Airport.

Book a Private Flight from Toronto to Vegas

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